Kelis Monet

Philadelphia . New York . Travel Companion

A perfectly steamed mussel, a perfect cup of black tea, a perfectly timed kiss…  Simple things turn me on.  I’m humble, pragmatic and refined, with a childlike, joyful curiosity.  I seem to have an Asian soul.

(with an oral fixation!)

Culinary aficionado that I am, I know no amount of spice can substitute for fresh, ripe ingredients. This applies to so much more than food!  I like to start with a fresh, ripe connection, perfectly piqued, according to our desires.

From connection, all good things will flow.

But I can’t do it alone.  I go best with those who actually want to connect with someone – not as a mere service provider (insert acronym here) – but for the mysterious, magical gift it is.  A real connection dissolves all tension effortlessly and allows us to be ourselves naturally.

Every moment, every pleasure, is captivating and unique.

We so rarely get to be unbridled and spontaneous with an intimate partner. I hope to create this.

I am curvy and slender with golden brown eyes, brown hair down to the middle of my back, soft brown skin, and natural breasts – a perfect handful.

I wear a size 4, stand 5’7″, weigh 145 pounds, and I’m 36 years old.  I have no tattoos or piercings.  Most of the photos you’ll see here are from the last few months.  Be on the lookout for new ones in this summer!

As a genius overachiever, I want my body to be as intelligent as my mind.  I reckon exploring what lay between our legs is key.

I’m getting smarter every day!  Click herefor my blog.

I effortlessly blend my skills with genuine, playful lust so we can enjoy a seamless intimate experience from the moment we lay eyes on each other. I am a GFE companion ( Game, Fun, Excitement *wink*) , but am also trained in, light BDSM and Tantra.  My main desire is to find our unique chemistry.

I’d love to be your easy girlfriend, your partner in debauchery, or your spelunker in the deep dive of carnal desire. I have many friends, many parties, and many locales with which to inspire your imagination. Your fantasies should come true!

Nothing is hard about me – not my attitude, my features, or my pleasure.

And I adore women!


Outside ideas of wrongdoing and right doing, there is a field. I will meet you there. – Rumi

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.- Helen Keller


white roses, red wine, pink panties!

I have a lingerie fetish.  Agent Provocateur, Wolford, and Fredrick’s Of Hollywood.  You can often find me gazing in the windows.

36DDD on top.  Large on the bottom.  Not that my bottom is especially large…  I do rock a bit of bass but it seems Europeans design for ladies with no rump at all!

I just discovered Italian wines.  Barolo is my new favorite.  Amazing…

Ace of Spades is my favorite champagne and Fortaleza is my favorite tequila. Either are appropriate any time of day.

As for restaurants, I love seafood of any kind – especially when I can leave it to you to surprise me!


Dance is the hidden language of the soul of the body. Great dancers are not great because of their techniques; they are great because of their passion. The body says what words cannot. – Martha Graham

Would You Like To Dance With Me?